Sep 28

rocket italian or "learning italian like crazy" which one is better and why?

the second
because italain drifts over you beause when you know italian you understand that that language can do to bacame girls crazy….like all latin lover
my opinion

Sep 25

Rocket Languages invites you to take a tour of the rocket italian learning lounge, the next generation in online language learning

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Sep 23

How easy is it to learn? I took Spanish 1 and 2 in school and did really well at it, but I just wasn’t…attracted to it. Ever since I saw The Godfather a few weeks ago, I’ve wanted to learn.

I heard rocket italian (by Rocket Languages) is a really good, fairly priced program.

I am a linguistics major in college, so I go through quite a few language products.

What I used specifically for Italian were two products.

Rocket Italian is the most affordable and IMO the best product there is point blank period. It’s what I’ve used personally and is excellent. It’s $300 or so cheaper than Rosetta Stone.

The second program I recommend is Fluenz Italian. It’s an excellent program, and you can tell the people who made it REALLY wanted to create a professional product. It’s excellent, although quite a bit pricier than Rocket Italian (but still cheaper than Rosetta Stone).

Visit the site I included below, it has a review of Rocket Italian, Fluenz Italian, and Rosetta Stone Italian on there (it’s the /italian one in the source).

PS. All three companies provide free demos of sort for their products. So check it out.

Hope that helps.

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