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The Interactive Audio Course provides clear pronunciations and lessons which are easy to understand and follow.

Moreover, there are wonderful learning games integrated with the program. I am amazed at how much has been included with my purchase… All aspects work together to make learning a pleasant and feesable experience!

Thank you.

Glenna Voegle

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I can carry on a basic conversation with the workers, I can meet someone new, I can ask them how they are, where they are from, I can shop at some of the local markets here, I can order in a restaurant. It is an excellent program, it is very simple it’s very quick you can listen on your way to work, you can listen to it on your lunch hour, they are excellent, excellently constructed and they really give you a working knowledge of the language. I would highly recommend them to anyone else who is going on a trip… or just wants to be able communicate a little bit better.

It has truly helped me out on my job and I plan on going through them again and probably go through it three or four times. …I highly recommend it. Thank you.

Joseph Seward
Asst Project Manager


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…Whether you just want simply to be able to converse, or in addition, to understand the grammar and learn more extensive vocabulary, the options are there for you. One big benefit… is the enjoyment of all the lessons, we always look forward to the next one. In particular we find the interactive audio lessons very helpful with pronunciations… One important factor of the course is the pleasant voices… easy to listen to and understand.

…If you have any doubts about purchasing… try the free lessons first, as we did, and we are sure you will realise that here is a language course that you can adapt to your own way of learning and one that is fun and a bargain.

Joan Richards

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Oct 18

The Rocket Menu includes some great learning software tools. In particular what I always found hard about learning a new language was learning the vocabulary. The new words never used to stay in my head! However here the “rocket technology” includes MegaVocab. This is a great software learning game from rocket italian Langauages that helps you to easily remember those Italian words.

And there is also MegaVerbs Software Learning Game to help with remembering the verb tenses. But what makes a real difference, is MegaAudio. This is the key to helping us to quickly understand spoken Italian langauge.

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Oct 16

Learning a foreign language can be enjoyable – but exasperating. Anything you can do to accelerate learning or make language acquisition more enjoyable is a valuable weapon in your learning arsenal. Kathy Steinemann shares a helpful and unique approach to this challenge.

Take a look at the following two sections of text:

Version 1

The sky is blue today. I’m sitting on the beach. A bully kicks sand in my face. Too bad for him! Here come my bodyguards!

Version 2

One, two, a sky so blue. Three, four, a sandy shore. Five, six, a bully kicks. Seven, eight, he’s sealed his fate. Nine, ten, here come my gunmen!

Now go back and re-read the verses.

Did you notice that you have already started to anticipate what comes next in the second version?

Conclusion: It is easier to memorize rhyming poetry than to memorize prose.

So what implication does this have for learning a foreign language?

If you memorize well-written modern foreign language poetry, you can accelerate your learning curve. (Notice the keyword ‘modern’.)

Poetry written in the 18th Century may have deep cultural and educational significance. However, words penned to page over 300 years ago will utilize obsolete vocabulary, spelling, and grammar formations.

As an example: consider the popular King James Version of the Bible. If you started using ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ in your daily speech, people would understand you – but they would treat you like an alien in a time warp.

You can search the internet for poetry written by contemporary authors. Try searches like:

  • parallel translation poetry

  • parallel translation poems

  • parallel translation poems German English

  • parallel translation poems French English

  • parallel translation poetry Italian English

  • parallel translation poetry Spanish English

Substitute search terms as necessary with the name of the specific language you are studying. Review the webpages you find with a tutor, professor, or knowledgeable person to determine grammar and vocabulary suitability.

Attempt to have the poetry dictated and recorded by a native language speaker. Softly recite the poetry while you listen to the recordings. This will improve your verbalization skills. With luck, you may find online audio for some of the poetry.

Are you a budding poet? Try creating foreign language poems yourself.

No poetic talent? Attempt the following simple approach. If you are learning German, for example, you might produce a ‘poem’ like this:

the dog – der Hund

the mouth – der Mund

the air – die Luft

the scent – der Duft

to buzz – summen

to growl – brummen

little – klein

clean – rein

to brood – grübeln

to iron – bügeln

You don’t have to worry about grammar – just definitions, pronunciations, gender, and spelling. Alcor (alcor.com.au) has several rhyming dictionaries that can assist you with this process.

If you have an audio dictionary on your computer, listen carefully to the pronunciation of each word. There are also excellent online dictionaries with audio.

Now produce your own poetry recording using audio capture software.

  • First, dictate each English word or phrase and save as an individual file.

  • Next, save foreign language audio clips from your dictionary or from the internet.

  • Now load your audio capture software and play the files in the correct order. Try to create short productions of a minute or two in duration.

  • Edit if necessary to eliminate excessive pauses or add definite articles.

  • Finally, convert to MP3 or WMA. Now you can use your iPod or portable media player for something besides music.

The 21st Century is a wonderful time to be learning a foreign language!

©Copyright Kathy Steinemann: This article is free to publish only if this copyright notice, the byline, and the author’s note below (with active links) are included.

Kathy Steinemann

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